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Basic performance requirements for matte plastic protective film
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Some special occasions also put forward unique requirements for the protective film, so some need to use frosted plastic protective film, in the selection of such protective film products, we must first judge from the perspective of appearance, requiring the protective film surface should be flat Smooth, no wrinkles or only a small amount, no obvious roughness, black spots, impurities, crystal points and deadlock, no stripes, spots, violent tendons, no bubbles, pinholes and cracks, in addition, also requires a clean surface, No dust, oil, etc.


Then look at the frosted plastic protective film specifications and deviations, such as its width, thickness and deviation must meet the requirements, and should be uniform thickness, horizontal and vertical thickness deviation is small, and the deviation distribution is more uniform. Of course, it can not ignore its transparency and gloss, generally higher light transmittance, generally should reach more than 92%.


The physical and mechanical properties of the matte plastic protective film mainly include tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, impact strength, etc. These should also meet the corresponding standards. In addition, the moisture permeability is also a measure of the quality of the matte plastic protective film, which refers to the permeability of the matte plastic protective film to water vapor under certain conditions, and to a certain extent represents the moisture resistance of the film material.


Of course, frosted plastic protective film must also have a certain degree of geometric dimensional stability, otherwise, its expansion and contraction rate is too large, in the printing and compounding process by the mechanical force or by the heat easily prone to telescopic deformation, will not only affect the overlay accuracy, Problems such as wrinkling and curling will also occur, which will seriously affect product quality and production efficiency.


In addition, the chemical stability and surface tension of the matte plastic protective film also have corresponding requirements. On the one hand, it is required that the matte plastic protective film must have certain resistance to these chemicals that are in contact with it so as not to be affected by it. On the other hand, it is required that the surface tension of the frosted plastic protective film should reach a certain standard, otherwise it will affect the adhesion and adhesion of the ink and the adhesive on the surface, thereby affecting the quality of the printed matter and the composite product.