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Benefits of building materials protective film application
- Mar 07, 2018 -

With the gradual popularity of high-end building materials, the demand for building materials protective film has also been significantly improved, at present in the country all sectors will use building materials protective film basically, which has gradually become a mainstream of electronic products manufacturing Material.


At present, in terms of the domestic market of building material protective film, basically, the currently used building material protective film production equipment in China is independently developed in China, greatly saving the production cost of the protective film for building materials and creating more surplus value, but also better meet the additional requirements of all aspects of the protective film for building materials.


High-quality building material protection film is made of advanced technology, and it is completed under completely dust-free conditions. It also supports seamless splicing process. Its anti-wear, anti-aging, fire retardant and flame retardant, Is second to none. In environmental protection, the protective film for building materials has not only produced no waste of waste materials, but also provided people with a healthy quality of life.


The application of building material protection film is quite extensive, it can be used for surface protection of aluminum-plastic panels, but also on stainless steel, aluminum, PVC profiles, carpets, glass, wood flooring and other products play a good role in the protection .


Building materials protective film can be divided according to different viscosity requirements, such as low viscosity requirements of the product is suitable for flat, glossy, mirror stainless steel sheet, plastic sheet, PMMA, PS board, PC board; Protective film for stainless steel coarse moat sand board, snow board, aluminum plate, steel, aluminum and polyester sheet. In addition, there are some high-viscosity requirements and high viscosity requirements of building materials protective film.