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Preparation of protective tape and setting requirements
- Mar 05, 2018 -

Protective tape in the production process is mainly composed of two parts of the substrate and the adhesive, when used by bonding will make two or more non-connected objects effectively connected together, the protective tape The surface will be coated with a layer of adhesive.

The protective tape comprises a PET insulating layer, a reflective layer, a wave absorbing layer and a release material layer, a first adhesive layer is arranged between the PET insulating layer and the reflective layer, and a second adhesive layer is arranged between the reflective layer and the wave absorbing layer , The surface of the reflective layer in contact with the wave absorbing layer has a plurality of first prism protrusions, the first prism protrusions, the first prism protrusions and the second prism protrusions are alternately arranged and the adjacent first prism protrusions There is a space between the bottom part and the bottom part of the second prism protrusion.

A third adhesive layer, a polypropylene film layer and a fourth adhesive layer are sequentially arranged between the absorbing layer and the release material layer of the protective tape. The utility model provides a multi-functional protective tape with a reflective layer which can form multiple absorptions and significantly improves the absorbing performance of the adhesive tape.

Preparation of protective tape

1. To EPE substrate, corona on the substrate surface, the substrate surface tension ≥ 46 dyne.

2. On the surface of the substrate coated with acrylic adhesive as the adhesive layer, the acrylic adhesive is added epoxy curing agent and isocyanate curing agent.

3. Dry, cooked into, that is, to protect the tape. Compared with the prior art, the method has the advantages that the EPE pearl cotton is used as a base material and the hardener is combined with the modified adhesive so as to ensure the good adhesiveness on the basis of the shock-resilient rebound and impact resistance , While light, heat and moisture-proof features, protective tape can be recycled, less environmental pollution. In addition, the car industry will be posted on the body covered with a layer of protective film to protect the car paint, increase the aesthetic level of purpose.