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Building Glass Protective Film performance introduction
- Mar 03, 2018 -

Building glass protective film is generally made of PE material, its main purpose is to be used for optical glass, glass and glass cover the surface, play a protective role. Currently in the production of architectural glass protective film, the production process used is mainly three-layer co-extrusion blown film. The more commonly used glass protective film is transparent in color, helping to show the aesthetics of the product.


In order to ensure the quality of building glass protective film production, first of all, the number of products will be strictly reviewed. And the number of each factory after a rigorous review, to ensure that the number of products, length, width, thickness and appropriate use. The second is to detect the condition of the product, such as temperature, physical shape or solids content.


Such as building glass protective film in the PE electrostatic protective film in the field operations, often need to prepare the material in advance. If necessary, provide high temperature resistance, or only when the fit hot and cold paste can fit. Guarantee different conditions of use can be used.


In addition, the laminating speed of the building glass protective film is also an important content in cost control and quality control in actual production. The speed of use depends mainly on the degree of automation of the process equipment used. Under normal circumstances, the glass protective film product strictly controlled crystal point in the normal range, no black spots, no fog, no wrinkles, no ghosting. The use of the product can effectively protect the product in the production, transportation, storage process from pollution, corrosion or scratches.


And building glass protective film products have good transparency, when used, the user can choose according to the needs of the electrostatic force is not the same as the film, easy to tear. In short, the building glass protective film products can prevent the surface of the product being protected from dust, oil, damage, scratches and oxidation, fully meet the requirements of the majority of users.