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Many ways to improve the transparency of polyethylene protective film material
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Polyethylene protective film is a transparent adhesive film products, it is after the glue, coating, drying, rewinding, cutting, packaging and a series of processes after processing. With the continuous expansion of the application range of polyethylene protective film, the transparency of its products nowadays is higher and higher, and complicated manufacturing processes have an impact on the transparency. First of all, the choice of raw materials is very important.


Production of polyethylene protective film used in raw materials Polyethylene is a crystalline material, easy to crystallize, if not cooled quickly, will inevitably reduce the transparency and elongation at break. Blow molding is poor cooling, high crystallinity, film transparency is low.


Moreover, since the polyethylene protective film is blown up, drafted and severely molecular-oriented, the elongation at break is low, and the cooling effect of the casting is good, the crystallinity is low, the transparency is good, and the degree of orientation is low, so the elongation at break High rate, good retractility.


In order to further improve the transparency of the polyethylene protective film, an appropriate amount of anti-fogging agent can be added; and based on the above, a transparent nucleating agent is added; or a small amount of polyacrylate resin with good transparency and good compatibility can be added.


To make polyethylene protective film to achieve higher transparency, the production can also add 0.5-1% of the homogeneous oil, homogeneous oil is a non-toxic, and pigment powder together can be processed into a uniform and good transparency Of colored material. In addition, the addition of a nucleating agent also increases the number of crystallizable nuclei at the melting point of the melt of the polyethylene protective film, accelerates the crystallization rate and thereby enhances the transparency.