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The Benefits of Food Packaging Films and Their Effects on Food Circulation
- Feb 28, 2018 -

Food packaging film is one of the basic varieties of BOPP heat-sealing film. It is a polypropylene heat-sealing film which is biaxially stretched on the surface by heat-sealing masterbatch. It has the advantages of light weight, non-toxic, odorless, moisture- High, good dimensional stability, excellent transparency, good surface finish printing performance and so on.


With these advantages, it can not only promote the competition of food, increase the sales of food, but also protect the food and prolong the preservation of the food. That is to say, the use of food packaging film has some economic benefits while protecting the appearance quality of the food.


Food throughout the distribution process, to go through handling, loading and unloading, transportation and storage, can easily lead to the appearance of food quality damage, food after the inside and outside the package, you can well protect the food, so as to avoid damage. At the same time, the food itself has a certain amount of water, when the water content changes, will lead to changes in food flavor or deterioration. If the food packaging film as moisture-proof packaging technology can prevent the occurrence of these phenomena, but also effectively extend the shelf life of food.


In addition, food packaging film after the packaging of food can be more convenient for its circulation, and to increase convenience food varieties, with local flavor, it can only be circulated after the packaging. Famous local food to communicate, increase people's daily food types.


When the food is in circulation, it is necessary to contact with the container and the manpower to make the food easy to be contaminated. After the food packaged in the food packaging film, the occurrence of such phenomenon can be avoided and the consumer's health is good. In particular, some fresh food, perishable spoilage, not easy to transport far, the use of food packaging film can not only reduce waste, reduce transportation costs, and can promote the rationality of food distribution and planning.