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Building glass protective film basic structure and realization functions
- May 07, 2018 -

Building glass protective film basic structure:


The most basic composition of the building glass protective film includes a polyester substrate (PET), one side is coated with a scratch-resistant layer (HC), and the other side is a mounting adhesive layer and a protective film. Building glass protective film will generally be composed of single layer or multi-layer PET sandwich, and also have thickness of 2MIL (0.05mm), 4MIL (0.10mm), 7MIL (0.18mm), 11MIL (0.28mm), 14MIL (0.36mm), etc.; considering the safety and ease of construction, the substrate thickness of the film should be 2MIL or more.


The PET used in building glass protective film is a material with strong durability, strong moisture resistance, high resistance and good low temperature properties. On the other hand, it will be transparent, and it will be treated with a variety of processes such as metallization coating, magnetron sputtering, and interlayer synthesis to become building glass protective film with different characteristics. Professional manufacturers of membranes typically use their own proprietary adhesives for sandwich synthesis and mounting adhesive layers, including pressure sensitive adhesives and water molecule activation adhesives.


The use of glass protective film can reduce glare, protect eyes and enhance comfort:


Direct sunlight can cause fatigue, eyes fatigue and distraction. The architectural glass protective film is directly installed on the inner surface of the window glass, which helps to correct the uneven temperature of the strong sunlight and the back sun, and disperses glare and glare, making the indoor leisure more comfortable and more efficient.


Glass protective film can prevent vandalism and thieves, explosion-proof seismic:


The architectural glass protective film is attached to the inner surface of the building glass to prevent natural disasters and man-made damage. It constitutes an invisible protection net, reduces personal injury, protects property, and can even replace the anti-theft iron fence at home. The broken glass can also be fixed in place to reduce the impact of the explosion and reduce personal injury.


Building glass protective film can be vertical, horizontal, curved surface, vertical and horizontal paste, posted a wide range of ways:


When glass protective film is used, it is extremely convenient. It can be vertically, horizontally, curvedly and vertically mounted. It is widely used in residential buildings, business office buildings and other public buildings, as well as automobile protection, computer anti-spoke, mobile phone beauty decoration and other fields.