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Self-adhesive carpet protective film use requirements and construction methods
- May 04, 2018 -

Self-adhesive carpet protective film requirements:

The actual use of self-adhesive carpet protective film will find this protective film has a suitable adhesive, easy to paste easily tear; self-adhesive carpet protective film is also relatively stable in the peeling force, the change over time is relatively small, that is, the smaller the increase in peel strength Good; Afterwards, the self-adhesive carpet protective film has good weather resistance, under sunlight exposure conditions, and can last for up to six months or even up to one year.


The self-adhesive carpet protective film has a long shelf life when used. It can be stored in a warehouse for more than one year without any change in quality; no pollution or corrosion will occur, and the adhesive will be inert and will not chemically react with the surface of the adhered material. Self-adhesive carpet protective film itself has excellent mechanical properties: in line with user requirements of tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation and so on.


Self-adhesive carpet protective film construction method:


Self-adhesive carpet protective film in the paste, we must pay attention to take a certain order of laying, aluminum alloy matte surface protective film manufacturers, can not pull too tight, color protective film manufacturers, we must pay attention to must remain more than 1.50%, In preparation for its use in the local subsidence stretch; adjacent two vertical joints should not be on a horizontal line, self-adhesive carpet protective film manufacturers, should pay attention to must be staggered more than 1m.


When sticking the self-adhesive carpet protective film, the distance between the longitudinal joints must be set on the flat surface; when laying, the direction of the developing film should be basically parallel to the carpet, or the protective film should be provided when the direct carpet is produced. It also saves customers' maintenance in this area.


Finally, regarding the sticking of the self-adhesive carpet protective film, care must be taken not to leave gaps or to allow impurities to exist. When actually selecting, pay attention to the material of the carpet and select the material of the self-adhesive carpet protective film to ensure its properties. Will not be mutually exclusive with the properties of the carpet, so as to play a role in protecting the carpet.