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Building material protective film excellent performance
- Apr 09, 2018 -

On the one hand, the protective film of building materials can effectively protect the building decoration materials, and at the same time, the surface of the building materials can be kept clean and easy to clean. Because of this, protective film of building materials has been widely used, because of its professional performance. Next we briefly introduce the good performance of this product.


First, the protective film for building materials has good transparency and gloss:


Under normal circumstances, in the use of transparent architectural decorative material protective film, for its higher light transmittance, it should generally reach more than 92%. For opaque protective films, such as white film, it requires high whiteness and good opacity. In addition, the plastic film should also have a good gloss.


Secondly, the Building  material protective film includes a variety of specifications:


In order to ensure the packaging effect, the width and thickness of the protective film of building decoration materials should meet the relevant requirements, and the requirements for uniform thickness, small thickness deviation in horizontal and vertical directions, and even distribution of deviation should be satisfied. In addition, the aluminum plating thickness of the aluminized film should also meet the requirements.


Third, the appearance of protective film for building materials is also very beautiful:


Under normal circumstances, the surface of the protective film of architectural decoration materials should be kept smooth and free of wrinkles, or have only a small amount of live folds, no obvious unevenness, black spots, impurities, crystal points and deadlocks, and no stripes or marks. There are shortcomings such as brute force, no bubbles, pinholes, and cracks. The aluminized layer of the aluminized film should be uniform, and there should be no obvious bright strips or yin and yang surfaces. In addition, the surface of the protective film is also required to be clean, free of dust, oil, and the like.


Fourth, the protective film of building materials has good geometric dimensional stability:


Building material protective film needs to have appropriate geometric dimensional stability. In this way, when it is used for packaging, it will not cause telescopic deformation due to mechanical force or heat, so as to ensure the actual packaging effect.