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Carpet protective film quality judgment
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Carpet protective film is mainly used for carpet protection.The quality judgment standard of carpet protective film is: it has good protection effect on carpet and is convenient to use. When the protective film is peeled off, it will not remain on the carpet. And, the carpet can protect the carpet from being scratched during transportation and installation.


The performance of the carpet protective film can be said to be an important aspect of the protective film, because it is related to the use effect and service life of the protective film. Only when the protective film has good performance, can the product have good use effect and have Long service life.


The production and processing of the carpet protective film can directly place the stone material on the heavy-release film, and then perform pressing and the like, and then correctly packaged after the operation is completed, so that it can be directly used. The advantage of using this process is that it can be molded and saved at one time to ensure good processing results.