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Correct use of aluminum profile protective film in the production of aluminum profiles
- Aug 02, 2018 -

In order to protect the surface of the product from scratches and to protect the surface of the product from thinning pollution, most manufacturers of aluminum profiles will choose to use aluminum protective film. So how can we better use the aluminum profile protection film to make it adhere to the surface of the aluminum profile for a longer period of time.


Firstly spray the surface of the aluminum protective film slightly and evenly with a cleaning agent containing no ammonia. Then gently dry the aluminum profile with a clean, soft cotton cloth or a soft tissue. The cotton and paper towels often need to be wrung out and contained in cotton/ Pure topical alcohol on paper towels will quickly dissolve large smudges and fatty fingerprints.


If the stain is not washed, re-spray the cleaning solution, wipe it horizontally from top to bottom with a soft rubber wiper until it is dry, and wipe the edge of the aluminum profile with a towel. Some of the above use adhesive tape, sticky notes or decals, remove the glue or glue remaining in these materials, you can use a soft clean cotton cloth with acetone to gently wipe off the contaminated area, which can quickly Remove the glue remaining on the aluminum profile. Do not use hard wipes, brushes, or abrasive cloth to clean the aluminum-plastic panel.