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Technical parameters in the process of forming transparent polyethylene film
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The transparent polyethylene film is formed by a down-blowing method, and since the bubble is water-cooled, the transparency of the film and its gloss and softness are excellent. In the production of transparent polyethylene film, the first step is to select the raw materials, try to use low density polyethylene resin with a density of 0.921 ~ 0.925g / cm3, the melt flow rate is 2 ~ 4g / 10min.


At the same time, the production equipment of transparent polyethylene film is prepared, that is, the single-screw extruder has a screw structure with a gradient of equal pitch thread depth, a length to diameter ratio of 20:1, and a compression ratio of 3:1. The forming mold is a spiral core rod structure. And the film blank outlet of the molding die is about 100 mm away from the cooling water level. Note that the production cooling surface should be kept free of jitter.


In the production process, the inflation ratio of the bubble is required to be 2; if the thickness of the transparent polyethylene film is less than 0.04 mm, the feed temperature of the barrel is 120-140 ° C, and the temperature of the plasticizing section is 130-150 ° C, both The temperature of the forming section is 140 to 165 ° C; the temperature of the forming mold is 150 to 165 ° C. The melt temperature is around 155 °C.