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Viscous source of self-adhesive carpet protective film and its strength and weakness
- Jul 25, 2018 -

The self-adhesive carpet protective film has the properties of good viscoelasticity, good winding stretchability, and a certain degree of tackiness on the surface, so that the tensile force becomes a viscoelastic force to tightly wrap the product. In order to make the surface of the self-adhesive carpet protective film have adhesiveness, a lubricant such as an extender plasticizer or a subplasticizer, an aliphatic amide, a fatty acid or a fatty alcohol may be added which is not compatible with it.


Under appropriate processing temperature and shearing force, these materials with limited compatibility with the resin will migrate to the surface of the film, making the surface of the film sticky, resulting in the surface viscous force required for the self-adhesive carpet protective film. The carpet plays a good role in protection.


The viscosity unit of the self-adhesive carpet protective film is g/25mm, which means how much g is required to pull a 25mm wide spline. According to the strength of the adhesion, it can be subdivided into: ultra-low viscosity protective film, low viscosity protective film, medium and low viscosity protective film, medium viscosity protective film, high viscosity protective film, ultra high viscosity protective film.


We only have a better understanding of the role of the different viscous self-adhesive carpet protective film and its use, so that it can fully function. Although there is no international standard for the separation of protective films according to the adhesion force, for the die-cutting industry, the discrimination of the protective film is to select a protective film for a more suitable product.