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Efficacy and cleaning methods in the application of protective film for glass
- Jul 05, 2018 -

In order to protect the integrity of the glass, it will be found that a protective film for glass is attached to the glass, and the film is usually torn off after the glass is mounted. The protective film for glass is usually a plastic film which is made of OPP as a substrate, coated with acrylic glue on one side and attached to a release film, and has high sliding transparency, good temperature and weather resistance, and can be used well.


The protective film for glass is mainly designed for energy saving and heat insulation. It is equipped with UV protection and safety functions. The film is attached to the glass surface to allow visible and near-infrared light to pass through the room, but not to pass far infrared light. Therefore, there is enough light to enter the room, and most of the solar heat is reflected back, so that the indoor temperature does not rise too much in the hot summer, thereby reducing the indoor air conditioning load, saving air conditioning costs and energy saving.


Of course, the protective film for glass can also transmit a certain amount of short-wave solar radiant energy, so that the solar radiant heat enters the room and is absorbed by the indoor object; at the same time, the long-wave infrared reflection radiated by more than 90% of the indoor objects can be kept indoors. Low-emission films can make full use of solar radiation and long-wave radiant energy from indoor objects. Therefore, it can be used for insulation and energy saving in cold areas and heating buildings.


With its own excellent performance, the protective film for glass is mainly applied to the glass during the transportation of the product. When removing the protective film for glass, the protective film should be removed immediately after installation. If it is difficult to tear off if it is not torn for a long time, you can tear it a little and then blow it with a hair dryer; the degumming needs to be cleaned with an organic solvent such as pine perfume.