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Floor protective film type and role
- Feb 08, 2018 -

Floor protective films are very common in the decoration industry as a protective material that can be used not only to protect floors but also to protect walls, staircases, handrails and elevator image protection. For example, home decoration and other decoration construction time, the floor protection film for finished product protection. But also in the protective film printed on the decorative business-related information, in order to achieve publicity.


Analysis of the current application, in fact, there are three types of floor protection film: The first is a foam PE type. The main characteristics of this protective film is light, easy to use; The second is a woven waterproof protective film, cheap and very durable, affordable, printing can be the most advanced gravure technology, advertising is clear, but also waterproof Pollution, suitable for small and medium decoration companies.


In addition there is a very easy to use floor protection film, this protective film is a PVC composite type, which has the advantage of printing, protection is better, suitable for ground construction protection. This protective film is generally used for high-end decoration.


From the above description we can see that, in fact, the reason why we want to use the floor protection film, mainly in order to achieve the purpose of protection of the door. We all know that a variety of decoration materials, as well as a variety of construction refinishing garbage cleaning, will go through the door. In the process of handling, there may be bump or friction. So at this time before the start of renovation until the furniture approach, all need to protect the door.


Of course, in order to achieve the protection, then you need to ensure that the floor protection film stick in place. In short, by using the floor protection film to protect floors and doors and other products, can effectively prevent scratches or damage to floor tiles and doors, reduce the risk of unnecessary losses during the renovation process.