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Glass door protective film products are used more and more widely
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The glass door protection film can effectively protect the glass film product from being damaged by other factors during use. This series of protective film products have high-strength anti-scratch and anti-drop performance, and have the advantages of high definition, smooth touch and responsiveness, which are beyond the reach of many common protective films, so the application in the industry has become more and more The more extensive.


Considering the specifications and characteristics of different glass door products, glass door protection film products are designed with different considerations, including thickness, gel, performance and so on. And with the application of the protective film, the glass product has real protection and Gree effect, and the other functions are perfected, so that the glass door can better exert its use effect, and the appearance aesthetics is also improved.


In short, the glass door protection film is used for the surface of the glass door, and it is also a protective film product which can effectively protect and shield the product and ensure that the product is not damaged during processing, transportation and storage. In addition, in order to meet different application requirements, the product also has different grades of viscosity during the processing, such as micro-stick, low-viscosity, medium-viscosity, high-viscosity, and ultra-high viscosity.