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The role of PE packaging film die cutting
- Oct 29, 2018 -

In the process of production and processing of PE packaging film, it is necessary to cut the surface material and the adhesive together in the process of die cutting. In fact, for the die-cutting of such film materials, the PE packaging film manufacturer simply refers to the process of complete cutting. Because most of the film materials have toughness and do not break naturally, it is not suitable to cut through two-thirds. It is necessary to cut through or cut through four-fifths of the thickness. Otherwise, it will be peeled off together with the label.


In the case of die cutting, it is also necessary to consider the strength of the PE packaging film face material. The strength of the facestock is mainly related to the thickness of the facestock, the fiber (polymer) structure and its own humidity. In the design of the layout, according to the strength of the material, through the implementation of a reasonable placement of the waste size and waste speed.


For PE packaging films, the thickness of the facestock will also have a direct effect on the die cut depth. In general, the thicker the material, the more die-cut. In general, when die-cutting thin surface materials, it is necessary to increase the die-cut area in high precision equipment to ensure accuracy.https://www.xmlfilm.com/