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Glass special protective film basic knowledge sharing
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Special glass protective film for the protection of glass products is obvious,Not only can the product surface be well protected during processing, mechanical treatment and so on, but at the same time, the special protective film of glass can ensure the good appearance of the product surface in the process of transportation, assembly, storage and so on, so as to improve the product quality.


Due to the different requirements of the users, the manufacturers provide special glass protective film with different quality, color, printability, thickness, length, width and peel force according to the user's needs.


The main advantages of glass special protective film: 1, with excellent anti-aging,  can be used for a longer time; 2, with strong anti-UV properties; 3, easy to tear easy to paste, stripping no residue and so on.


Glass special protective film properties and uses: As the product has a more stable and reliable viscosity,It has been favored by many users.Coupled with its easy to tear and easy to paste, easy to use and do not leave residue and other performance characteristics, its application has been further developed.The product plays a protective role on the glass surface to prevent the surface scratched or dirty during transportation and installation.In addition, the product can also be customized hand-torn hole lines.


The basic parameters of the glass-specific protective film Description: The substrate material used for the product is polyethylene, the glue system is a water-soluble glue, the thickness of about 30 to 120um between the width range is from 100 mm to 2000 mm, the length of It is from 15 to 1000 meters.


This protective film colors include transparent, blue, white and black and white, etc., and can print patterns and other words.Under normal circumstances, the glass special protective film adhesive up to 50 to 400g / 25mm,The transverse tensile strength up to 8N / 25MM above, vertical tensile strength up to 15N / 25MM above.