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What is the requirement for the carpet protection film?
- Dec 18, 2017 -

Although carpet protective film is a product for packaging, and is usually used to package the surface of the carpet,However, in actual choice, there are still many factors to consider.This is because only reasonable choices can be ensure that the carpet protective film used actually serves to protect the item.


You should know that the so-called carpet protection film is mainly a packaging film for the protection of the surface of the carpet.The main reason for the use of this protective film is to make it easy to use, low price, reliable effect and so on.


In actual use, the high-quality carpet protective film will not leave any residue on the surface of the packed carpet objects, and will not cause any traces of pollution. Instead, the surface of the carpet will be cleaned as before.Therefore, the choice of protective film, it should give full consideration to its own quality, whether it is compatible with the protected items.


First of all, good quality carpet protective film should be able to really play a protective role, and will not produce chemical reaction with the surface of the object, do not corrode, pollute the surface.Second, it should have excellent adhesion to the material being protected when packaged.Therefore, in the process of transportation , the protective film does not appear Alice edge or fall off.


In fact, with the progress of technology, most of the carpet protective film has a good viscosity or electrostatic adsorption, which can be a good affixed to the surface of the item.Not only that, high-quality protective film also needs to have good weatherability and viscosity stability.That is, it is easy to peel off after a long period of use, and there is no residue remaining on the surface.


In addition, the quality of the carpet protective film should also have excellent processing adaptability to be protected by the processing needs.This will be able to achieve better protection in practical applications.