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Four major characteristics of stretch film do you know?
- Dec 15, 2017 -

About stretch film products, we often combine the four characteristics of its performance analysis. First, unitization is one of the most important properties of wrapping films. At the same time it also directly reflects the super winding and retractility it has.


The second characteristic that the wrap film has is that it has a certain degree of protection, which refers to the use of the material to protect the surface of the packaged articles. In general, we can use the product to create a light, protective look around the item, In this way, it has achieved the purpose of preventing dust, oil, moisture and water.

More importantly, the use of this material in the packaging, you can make the goods even force, To avoid uneven force on the items causing damage.This advantage is also its key point from the traditional packaging materials.


Stretch film has the third characteristic is the compression set.When we stretch it, the retraction force it produces can wrap the product,Thus forming a compact, non-space-based unit as a whole,So that products and pallets tightly wrapped together,This not only avoids movement during transport,But also can make hard products close, so that tight soft goods, to achieve good packaging effect.


Not only that, Stretch film can effectively save costs, which is its fourth major feature.In comparison, using this material for packaging, only about 15% of the original box packaging, shrink film about 35%, about 50% of the carton packaging.But also can reduce labor intensity, reduce labor intensity, improve packaging efficiency and packaging grade.


So far, the application of stretch film has been quite extensive, but there are still many areas yet to be involved,However some of the areas already covered are not universally used.With the expansion of applications, its position in the market will be further increased.In other words, the future of the product market is huge, so it is necessary to vigorously promote the production and application of stretch film.