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High-quality PE protective film should meet what kind of requirements?
- Dec 13, 2017 -

PE protective film has been able to get such a wide range of applications, is inseparable from its own special properties.Under normal circumstances, in order to meet the purpose of use,The PE protective film used should be inert to the surface of the protected material.And in the use of the process, should maintain good adhesion between the material to be protected, so as not to curl or fall off.


In addition to the above requirements,PE protective film also needs to have good weather resistance and holding the viscosity stability,Only in this way can we ensure that after a period of time, it will still be easily removed and after being removed, it will not leave a residue on the protected surface.In addition, it is also necessary to have a lower crystal point.


From the overall point of view, when we use PE protective film,One of the first things to consider is its stickiness, whether it is easy to stick and tear easily.Second, pay attention to whether its peel force is stable,In general, the smaller the increase in peel force, the better.Of course, we must also pay attention to its weather resistance, such as sunlight exposure conditions,Its service life is not less than six months to a year.


In addition, during the process of depositing,It should be satisfied that its quality should not change at least for one year.And when using PE protective film, it shall not cause pollution or corrosion to the protected articles,Do not chemically react with the surface of the material to be glued.In addition, the need to have good mechanical properties, so as to meet the tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation and other aspects of the use requirements.


In summary, the continuous development of society, our production technology will be more advanced,At the same time, people's requirements for the quality of life are constantly increasing.In this environment, the emergence of PE protective film has brought great convenience to our life.Believe that with PE protective film production process of continuous improvement, its use will also continue to expand.