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What are the superior performance of Blue PET protective film ?
- Dec 12, 2017 -

A comprehensive comparison found that the blue PET protective film performance excellent, but there are still many friends do not quite understand this.Next we will introduce to you what is the blue PET protective film.The product is mainly blue polyester film as a substrate,  is more common in life, a transparent protective film,Thickness is usually between 50um and 125um.


Due to the special color, so the blue PET protective film can be easily identified, in order to meet the different user requirements,The viscosity of the product is also low viscosity, medium viscosity and high viscosity points.In addition, the product also has the advantages of high temperature resistance, no residual plastic, good adhesion, scratch resistance, high gloss, good stiffness and good weatherability.Combined with the practical application of view, its main role is to wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and dust-proof.


It is precisely because of superior performance, so the current blue PET protective film has been recognized by the majority of users.For example, it can be used for a variety of consumer electronics, all kinds of household appliances and electronic products required for the production of temporary fixed parts,At the same time can also meet the precision (optical) components and other products in the splicing process, fixed and other requirements.In fact, this blue PET protective film not only has good physical properties but also performs equally well in terms of chemical properties.


Its superior performance in many ways have been the perfect show,

Such as high temperature resistance, weather resistance, good air permeability, hydrophobicity, stain resistance, low surface tension and other excellent performance.At the same time, we also believe that in the future its scope of application will also be further expanded.


So far, the emergence of blue PET protective film has brought great convenience to our production work.In particular, the blue PET protective film perfectly solves the problems of splicing and fixing in the production of electronic devices, and also plays an important role in the application of various industries.