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Strench film application introduction
- Dec 11, 2017 -

From the overall analysis, the Strench film has good performance, which not only has strong puncture resistance, but also has good shrinkage and the appropriate shrinkage stress. So now we mainly apply stretch film to the sales and transportation of various products, which can play a role of stabilizing, covering and protecting the products.


After the use of the Strench film, not only can make the packaging more generous and beautiful, but also has some moisture, dust, loose, anti-theft effect. Precisely because of its many advantages, it is now widely used in different fields.


For now, the stretch film not only in a variety of food, medicine and sterilization products such as packaging has been widely used in packaging, but also can be used for a variety of irregular body or commodity packaging (bundle) packaging aspect. Compared to other packaging film, the main advantage of the product is to meet the products of moisture-proof dust-proof, touch-sensitive replacement, transparent display and other functions, but also can increase the attractive appearance of the product, but also be able to attract consumers Attention.


More importantly, the use of retractable film packaging operations, it can significantly save a lot of packaging costs, and in line with the current packaging trend. For example, in the process of packaging production, you can use the heat shrinkable packaging machine for direct heating of far infrared radiation, resulting in a perfect shrink packaging, never affect the packaging.


In short, the retractable film itself has many advantages, which in the market by the user's friends welcome. Combined with the practical application, the strench film has the advantages of high tensile strength, large elongation, good self-adhesive, high transparency and the like, which can make the package more stable and tidy while packaging the goods, and also has the waterproof effect.