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Introduction of production and processing process of carpet protection film
- May 23, 2018 -

At present, most of the carpet protective film products belong to PE protective film. This kind of protective film is made of special polyethylene material as the substrate, cross-linked acrylic resin as adhesive, and then processed with several special additives. In fact, the production and processing of carpet protection film is a relatively complicated process. Usually formed protective film requires a lot of process to do it.


Next, we will briefly introduce the main processing flow of carpet protective film products for reference. The main process flow can be summarized as follows: R&D → Batching → Blown film → Printing → Gluing → Coating → Detection → Rewinding → Slicing → Packaging → Sales. Among them, in the research and development process, the inspection is mainly based on the required protective film specifications for different products. Based on the testing structure in the formula, process, and test production plan, after several tests, trials will be conducted to make products suitable for customers.


Next is the ingredients, mainly according to the specific production requirements, according to the ratio of raw materials. After completing the ingredients, enter the blown film section. Blown film is the plastic film in the plastic film blowing machine, melted through the ring die to squeeze the film tube, compressed air to blow it after cooling and stereotypes made of protective film film.


If it is necessary to print something on the protective film of the carpet, then the plate can be soaked in the ink tank by means of a gravure printing machine, and then the non-engraved part is removed by the scraper and the ink is transferred to the under the action of the printing roller. Printing substrate. After that, according to the specifications of the protective film and the applicable products, the glue is made, and then the adhesive is evenly applied to the substrate by a professional coater.


In these aspects of production, professional quality inspectors will also be arranged to carry out product quality inspections to ensure the quality of carpet protective film products. Semi-finished products and finished products are rewinded on the inspecting machine, and the inspection process can reduce the waste of subsequent processes and improve product quality. Finally, the process is divided into the required size according to the requirements, and finally professional packaging.