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What are the characteristics of self-adhesive carpet protection film?
- May 21, 2018 -

In the production of carpets and other products, it is often necessary to attach a protective film in order to keep the surface intact. In fact, after using the self-adhesive carpet protective film, not only can the surface of the product be protected during processing, mechanical processing, transportation, assembly, storage, etc., but also can be printed on the surface of the self-adhesive carpet protective film to play an advocacy role. .


According to different requirements, we can provide self-adhesive carpet protective film of different quality, different colors, different thickness and other specifications. In addition, the printability, width, and release force of different types of protective film will also have some differences. The protective film is usually made of polyethylene as the base material, coated with pressure-sensitive oil glue or water glue. Printability refers to the ability to print trademarks, company names, etc. on the surface of the film.


The main characteristics of self-adhesive carpet protective film: 1. It has strong adhesion and good weatherability; 2. It has anti-piercing and penetration properties; 3. It is easy to unwind; 4. Easy to tear, easy to peel, no residue , The main specifications of 5-10 silk; 5, transparent film; 6, anti-ultraviolet radiation, good aging resistance.


Self-adhesive carpet protective film features and uses: In practical applications, the product has the characteristics of easy adhesion and easy removal, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive will not have an adverse effect on the carpet and its fibers. The product is mainly used for carpet and carpet-like decorative surfaces, such as interior car carpets, carpet-like decorative surfaces, fiber-textured seating surfaces, and the like. In addition, it can also be customized according to the actual needs of users, easy manual tearing.


In general, self-adhesive carpet protective film products not only include a variety of specifications, but also their peel strength includes different specifications, which can be customized according to the customer's specific conditions. At the same time can also be customized to easily manually cut the hole line. Self-adhesive carpet protective film products include: transparent, black and white, white (milk white), blue, can also be customized according to the user's requirements or template color.