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Operational skills in the process of die-cutting of building material protective film
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The die-cutting of the protective film of building materials is simply the process of complete cutting, because most of these film-like materials have toughness and do not break naturally, so it is not suitable to cut through two-thirds. It is necessary to cut through completely or cut. Wear a thickness of four-fifths, otherwise it will be peeled off together with the label when it is discharged.


In the die-cutting process of building material protective film, the biggest factor associated with the face material is the speed of waste discharge. The greater the humidity, the weaker the strength of the P material after being damp, and then randomly pulled off, and even can not be discharged. Therefore, according to the strength of the material, the waste size and waste discharge speed should be reasonably set.


The thickness directly affects the depth of die-cutting of the protective film of building materials. The thicker the material, the more die-cutting. Because the thicker the material, the greater the tolerance of die cutting, the less likely it is to cut through the liner. Therefore, when die-cutting a thin building material protective film, it is necessary to select a device with high precision, thereby improving the processing precision of the protective film.