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PE plastic protective film process
- Aug 28, 2018 -

PE plastic protective film is a widely used and relatively large amount of plastic packaging film, which is commonly used on the inner film of composite flexible packaging, accounting for more than 40% of the consumption of plastic packaging film. In addition, since this film material is made of polyethylene, the polyethylene molecules do not contain polar groups and have high crystallinity. Therefore, its printing performance is poor, and the adhesion to the oil film and the adhesive is poor, so surface treatment is required before printing and compounding.


PE plastic film, which can also be a low-density polyethylene film, is mainly used for blow molding and casting in the production process. If it is blow molding, it is blown by blow molding PE particles by a blow molding machine, and the cost is lower; if it is cast, it is higher in cost and price, but the film thickness is uniform.


PE plastic protective film can be divided into blown film, cast film and low foam film according to different film forming processes. For specific purposes, it is used for the packaging of food bags, garment bags, composite bags, and yellow flowers, pickles and cakes. In addition, it can also be used as a hand bag.



PE plastic protective film, which is of different kinds, and between which different types can be compared, specifically:


The tensile strength and opening type of IPE film are better than CPE film, and can be printed on the front side. It can be used as a food bag or garment bag. The thickness of CPE film is uniform, and the surface gloss, transparency and heat sealability are better than IPE film. It can be printed on the front and back, but the production cost is higher than the IPE film. In addition, the low-foaming film has good decorative properties and a thick texture, and is not easily stretched and deformed, so it can be used as a new year picture, a trademark, a hand bag, and the like.