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What are the specific types and basic requirements of food packaging films?
- Aug 25, 2018 -

A food packaging film, which is a film used to package food, or can be understood as a film used to package food, because to some extent, the two are the same. Therefore, based on the above, it is necessary to familiarize and understand this aspect to know what is a food packaging film.


What is a food packaging film? From a professional point of view, it refers to a kind of high polymer material that is wrapped on the surface of food to isolate the decomposition of microbial bacteria and foreign pollutants to prevent food rot and prolong food quality. Mainly for the following, is:


Photocatalytic inorganic antibacterial film: The photocatalytic antibacterial agent used is TiO2, because this material can generate a large amount of hydroxyl radicals and oxygen radicals under the action of light, and has strong chemical activity. It allows various microorganisms to be organically decomposed, so its antibacterial properties are very good.


Natural and polymeric antibacterial film: Its antibacterial effect is to interact with microorganisms through the charge on the molecular chain of the material, so that the microbes can continue to multiply and play the role of antibacterial. The foods which can be used are chitosan, sorbic acid, turmeric root alcohol and the like.


Composite antibacterial film: Its main function is to produce an antibacterial effect at a low concentration for the Yancheng antibacterial cycle. Its use advantage is to inhibit different kinds of microorganisms than any single antibacterial agent film.


The organic antibacterial agent film has an effect of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms by binding to an anion on the surface of the microorganism or reacting with a group such as a sulfhydryl group on the cell surface, and further functions as an antibacterial agent.


Food packaging film, which has some specific requirements, is:

(1) If the antibacterial agent is made into antibacterial wood and prepared by antibacterial agent or antibacterial masterbatch and resin single layer foundation or casting, it is necessary to master the correct production process and method, and at the same time, to ensure the food packaging film. Have good performance and use.


(2) When adding some substances to the film, it is necessary to consider whether these substances will affect the performance of the film itself, and whether it has an influence on the barrier properties of the film, and whether it will affect the packaging performance of the film.


(3) The hygienic performance of food packaging film should be paid attention to and taken seriously, because the food is to be eaten, so its safety performance can not be ignored. In the composition of food packaging materials, types of additives, conditions of use and dissolution, there will be corresponding requirements to ensure the safety of the use of packaging film, and will not affect the food safety of food.