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PET nearly ten years of development
- Nov 22, 2017 -

The past decade, the global membrane market showed strong growth momentum. In 2004 the global membrane market sales reached 6.3 billion US dollars in 2007, the global membrane and membrane module sales reached 8.3 billion US dollars in 2011 the global membrane market sales of more than 10 billion US dollars.

After 50 years of development, China's film industry has entered a period of rapid growth. Ultrafiltration, microfiltration, reverse osmosis and other membrane technology in energy and electricity, nonferrous metallurgy, desalination, water treatment, wastewater reuse and medical and other fields of rapid expansion of engineering applications, a number of landmark significance of large-scale membrane water supply Works, wastewater reuse projects and desalination projects have been completed. The total output value of China's film industry has risen from 200 million yuan in 1994 to nearly 40 billion yuan in 2011.

With the national energy-saving emission reduction requirements and residents of drinking water quality requirements continue to increase, the domestic water treatment, especially the needs of deep water treatment more and more urgent, as the core element of water treatment - the application of membrane will be more and more widely, The total market will also be bigger and bigger.

Environmental Planning Agency of the State Environmental Protection Administration predicts that China's "Twelfth Five-Year" and "Thirteen Five" wastewater treatment inputs will reach 1.05 trillion yuan and 1.39 trillion yuan, of which industrial and urban sewage treatment investment will reach 4355 Billion and 459 billion yuan. In this context, the membrane technology widely used in sewage treatment will usher in great development in the next ten years.

In addition, since the "11th Five-Year Plan", China has been continuously pushing the R & D and industrialization of separation membranes and has taken the lead in the world in developing new membrane separation and membrane manufacturing technologies and membrane engineering applications. At present, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Industry and Ministry of Industry and other ministries have membrane technology included in the "Twelve Five" major industrial technology to be special support.