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Plastic protective film classification and common types
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Plastic protective films, which are of different types according to different classification criteria:

According to the nature, plastic protective film can be divided into two types: adhesive film and self-adhesive film;

According to the glue system, it can be divided into three types: natural rubber type, styrene-butadiene rubber type and synthetic rubber type;


According to the substrate, the plastic protective film can be divided into PE substrate, PVC substrate, PET substrate, OPP substrate and other substrates;


According to the protective film market, the plastic protective film can be divided into a galvanized steel protective film, a colored steel protective film, a glass plate or a plastic sheet protective film.


Biaxially oriented polypropylene protective film: it is obtained by coextruding polypropylene particles into sheets and then stretching in both directions. The advantages are stable physical properties, high mechanical strength, and air tightness and transparency. High, with good surface gloss, more tough and wearable.

Therefore, it is a widely used printed film, the film thickness is 20-40um, of which 20um is used more. However, this film is not very hot, so it is generally used as an outer film of a composite film, and when combined with a polyethylene film, it can be used to hold dry food.