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Plastic surface protective film and engineering plastic protective film
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The plastic surface protection film is used to protect the surface of the product and to avoid scratches, scratches, etc. on the plastic surface, thereby protecting the aesthetic appearance of the plastic surface.


Plastic protective film, a kind of protective film, which is not required in terms of color. Moreover, it can be selected according to the use requirements, etc., so that the product has a good use effect.


Engineering plastic protective film is a specific type of plastic surface protective film. In the raw material, PE is used to protect various thermoplastics from damage during transportation, storage and processing to effectively protect the integrity of the product. In addition, this kind of plastic surface protection film has corresponding parameters, which is:

Thickness: 30-150um

Width: 5-150cm

Length: 100-2000m

Printing: Monochrome / Bicolor / Tricolor

Glue: acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

Adhesion: 50-400g/25mm

Stretching rate: ≥300%

Tensile strength: ≥15N/25mm