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Polyester film common film
- Nov 22, 2017 -

With excellent strength and dimensional stability, cold resistance and chemical stability, widely used in composite packaging, photographic film, metal deposition, audio recording and other substrates. Specifically the following:

① semi-reinforced film. The main feature is the longitudinal tensile strength, not easy to break under the larger tensile force, mainly used for packaging items such as packaging seals. Common standard thickness of 20μm, 28μm, 30μm, 36μm, 50μm.

② bronzing film. The most important feature is good tensile strength and transparency, thermal stability, and some of the lower binding resin. Mainly suitable for high temperature processing of small size changes or as a transfer carrier. Conventional standard thicknesses are 9 μm, 12 μm, 15 μm, 19 μm, 25 μm, 36 μm.

③ printing composite packaging film. The main features are good transparency, good penetration resistance, superior chemical resistance, temperature, moisture. For frozen food and food, pharmaceuticals, industrial products and cosmetics packaging. Commonly used standard thickness of 12μm, 15μm, 23μm, 36μm.

④ aluminized film. The main features are high strength, good temperature and chemical resistance, good processing and anti-aging properties, proper corona treatment, which makes the aluminum layer and the film more firmly attached. For aluminum, can be widely used in tea, milk powder, candy, biscuits and other packaging, but also as a decorative film such as string flowers crafts, Christmas trees; also apply to the printing compound or cardboard composite. Conventional standard thickness 12μm, 16μm, 25μm, 36μm.

⑤ magnetic recording film. With good dimensional stability, uniform thickness, high tensile strength. Suitable for base film and special packaging film of magnetic recording material. Including audio cassettes (commonly used standard thickness of 9-12μm) and black film (commonly used standard thickness of 35-36μm).