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Production principle of stainless steel protective film
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Nowadays, in the fields of construction and other related fields, there is an increasing demand for stainless steel protective film. Therefore, the production of stainless steel  protective film has also been widely concerned. In actual production, the first step is to prepare a substrate film. At this time, the main process methods used are blow molding, casting, and calendering.


Next, according to the production process requirements to obtain stainless steel protective film adhesive. The so-called binder refers to a polymer having viscoelastic properties. The main function of the film adhesive layer is to be in close contact with the surface of the adherend and flow into the groove of the adhered surface as much as possible, so that the effective contact area is increased.


For stainless steel protective film, its viscosity is one of the important indicators to measure its performance. So what are the main factors that affect stickiness? Wetting, this is because the pressure sensitive adhesive can achieve close contact only with good wetting on the surface of the adhered object to create conditions for physical and chemical bonding.


Two other related influencing factors are permeability and the ability to move and diffuse molecules. In the protective film of stainless steel , the glue layer flows, and penetrates into the groove and the void under a certain pressure, so that the contact area of the two increases, and the mechanical binding force is generated between the adhesive and the adhered material. At the same time, the pressure-sensitive adhesive molecules will move toward the surface of the adherent material. When the distance between the two is less than 5A, physical and chemical bonding will occur.


Finally, the surface of the substrate of the stainless steel protective film needs to be subjected to a certain surface treatment. Including corona treatment, the formation of polar reactive groups, forming a very fine potholes. There is coating, that is, the liquid glue is evenly coated on the stainless steel protective film substrate film, and the preliminary drying.