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Protective tape adhesion, adhesive force and cohesion of the relationship and control
- Jan 08, 2018 -

As a protective tape, its adhesion, adhesive force and cohesion are very important, they correspond respectively to the adhesive tape and adhesive glue between the substrate, the protective film peel strength after use, the glue itself Adhesion. If you can better understand the significance of these forces, will be a better understanding of protective tape performance, in order to give full play to the actual effect of different protective tape products.


Adhesion of protective tape refers to the binding force between the adhesive and the film. If the adhesive strength is greater than the adhesive force, the adhesive bond between the adhesive and the film will break when the protective film is peeled off, resulting in degumming. Therefore, the protective property Adhesive tape to be more than its adhesion.


The so-called adhesion refers to the force required to peel the protective tape from the surface to be attached after a period of time depending on the material to be affixed, pressure, filming time, angle at which the film is peeled, temperature, etc. factor. Under normal circumstances, as time and pressure rise, the adhesion of protective tape will rise, but not beyond a certain range.


The remaining is the cohesiveness of the protective tape, which is the strength of the interior of the gel, so the colloidal cohesion as a protective tape must be very high, otherwise it may cause a glue residue when the protective tape is torn apart by the tear of the protective tape.


How to measure the cohesiveness of protective tape? Very simple, just need to tape the protective tape on the stainless steel surface, and hang a certain weight on its surface to measure how much time it takes for the protective tape to be pulled off by the weight. If the adhesion is greater than the cohesion, the protective tape in the tear away, the glue molecules between the bond will be broken, resulting in residual glue.