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The main purpose of polyethylene film and the specific production process
- Jan 06, 2018 -

Polyethylene film usually refers to the film which use PE as the raw material for the production, this product is characterized by good moisture resistance and moisture permeability, meet the needs of different applications. For now, polyethylene film can be manufactured in different fields according to different manufacturing methods and control methods, and can produce different properties polyethylene such as low density, medium density, high density polyethylene and cross-linked .


Polyethylene film on the one hand can be used for the packaging of various items, on the other hand is mainly used for agricultural production. When used in the packaging of various items, it can be made into soft, transparent or various colors with certain breathability, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, waterproof and heat shrinkable and printable according to the application and conditions.


The main varieties of agricultural polyethylene film is a greenhouse film and plastic film, with good weather resistance, light stability, thermal insulation and mechanical properties, it can play a thermal insulation, moisturizing, fertility and pest control multiple effects. In addition, the polyethylene film can also be made with special properties, such as photodegradable film, drip film, anti-film, light-selective film.


No matter where is the polyethylene film, it is produced using a blown film machine, only need to add the dry polyethylene particles into the hopper, you can rely on the weight of the particles from the hopper into the screw; when the pellets being in contact with the beveled edge of the thread, the beveled rotating face produces a thrust perpendicular to the beveled face of the plastic, pushing the plastic particles forward.


In the course of the pellets, Due to the friction between the plastic and the barrel and collision between the particles friction, At the same time, it gradually melts due to external heating of the barrel. Molten plastic through the nose filter to impurities from the die out, After inflation, air ring cooled by herringbone pressure, The finished roll of polyethylene film by the traction roller.