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Stainless steel color plate protective film used in raw materials should meet what standards?
- Dec 23, 2017 -

The so-called stainless steel color plate protective film refers to a unique composition of the polyethylene film composed of pe as the substrate, polyacrylate resin (PSA) as the main material of pressure-sensitive adhesive, and then with a specific agent by Coating, cutting, packaging and other processes made of protective film. In contrast, stainless steel color steel protective film is very good flexibility, with high elasticity, high strength, high toughness and other advantages.


Because of this, stainless steel color steel protective film in the modern market, the scope of application continues to expand. The product also achieves a faster "wetting" speed for the surface to be pasted, with a low rate of peel strength increase after affixing. Not only that, its pressure-sensitive adhesive has good stability and therefore does not have any adverse effect on the attached surface. So, in order to make the protective film can give full play to its own good performance, then the choice of raw materials, what should meet the standards?


First of all, in the current society of pursuing environmentally friendly production, we should stick to the selection of polyester PET products as the main component of the stainless steel color plate protective film. This is because the polyester polyester products with optical grade permeability, biodegradable, very environmentally friendly, will not cause pollution, but will not affect the overall viewing effect.


Second, in order to ensure the use of results, the stainless steel color steel protective film laminating layer on the one hand to meet the requirements of electrostatic adsorption of silicon ions, but also to ensure no residue, no sticky screen, high temperature, non-corrosive and other requirements. In addition, the surface of the protective film has to go through more than 3.5H hardened coating treatment.


Only in this way can we avoid the scratches or abrasions on the surface of the stainless steel color steel protective film caused by being touched or cleaned in the later use process so as to ensure the lasting brightness of the stainless steel color steel protective film as new. In short, the selection of raw materials should be used as a standard, so that its superior performance can be fully exerted.