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Stretch film definition and viscosity control
- Dec 04, 2017 -

In the early stages, most of the film in the market was blown film, and as the technology progressed, it gradually evolved from a single layer to double or even three layers. In the production process, the main process used is the casting method. This is due to the more advantageous production of the casting line, which not only yields a film product of uniform thickness and high transparency, but also meets the requirements of high-rate pre-stretching.


So, what kind of stretch film is the quality of the more excellent product? In general, should meet the requirements at the same time: 1, with high transparency; 2, high vertical elongation; 3, yield point; 4, high lateral tear strength;


In the production and processing time, in order to ensure the quality of stretch film processing, then the process conditions must be strictly controlled. Taking into account the production of casting flow channel is long and narrow, which has a faster flow rate, it is necessary to control the melt temperature in the range of 250 ~ ~ 280 . For the casting cooling roller temperature should be maintained at between 20 ~ 30 , in addition, but also to ensure that the winding tension is relatively small, usually less than 10kg, so mainly in order to better move out of the adhesive, and can Reduce the internal stress of the finished product.


It should be noted that, for the stretch film, its performance quality and viscosity are closely related. Therefore, during production, the need to take appropriate measures to control its viscosity. In general, good adhesion enables the packaging layers and layers outside the package to stick together, making packaging more robust and effective.


For the time being, in fact, two main methods can be used to enhance the tackiness of the film. The first way is to add PIB or its masterbatch to the polymer. The second way is to add an appropriate amount of VLDPE. In addition, the influence of temperature is also taken into account during the operation, because the temperature also has a more important influence on the viscosity of the stretch film.