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Transparent plastic protective film with some of the unique properties
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Compared to other materials, whether it is the appearance or intrinsic performance, transparent plastic protective film has its unique performance. For example, its specifications, whether it is width, thickness or its deviation are to meet the requirements, and uniform thickness, horizontal and vertical thickness of the small deviation, and the distribution of the deviation more evenly.


Since it is known as a transparent plastic protective film, it requires high light transmittance, generally reached more than 92%. In addition, plastic film should also have good gloss. Its surface is smooth, no wrinkles, no dust and oil and so on.

As the transparent plastic protective film in the printing and compounding process to be subjected to mechanical force, therefore, Requires that it must have a certain degree of mechanical strength and flexibility, but also the corresponding geometric stability, in order to ensure product quality and production efficiency.


Transparent plastic protective film in the printing and compounding process to contact the ink, adhesives and some organic solvents, these are chemical substances, Therefore, the material will have good resistance to these chemicals so as not to be affected by it. In order to make the printing ink and composite adhesive in the transparent plastic protective film surface has good wettability and adhesion, Surface tension required to protect the film should reach a certain standard.


To biaxially oriented polypropylene protective film and low density polyethylene protective film, Their surface tension requirements of 3.8 × 10-2N / m or more; The surface tension of nylon protective film, polyester protective film and polyester aluminized film is generally required to reach more than 4.5 × 10-2N / m.