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What are the advantages and product characteristics of PE packaging film?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

The PE packaging film is a packaging film made of polyethylene and is also a film. This type of film is widely used in the packaging of articles.


Advantages of PE packaging film

(1) This type of film has a small mass, stable chemical properties and no rust and corrosion.

(2) It has good transparency and wear resistance and can withstand certain impacts. In addition, the PE packaging film has good insulation and low thermal conductivity.

(3) It is easy to mold and process in the process, and the processing cost is very simple and convenient.

(4) It can be non-toxic and tasteless, and achieve green environmental protection.


PE packaging film product characteristics

1: unitization

With the superior winding force and retractability of the film, the loose items can be entangled and bundled into a unit to make it a whole without sharp edges and stickiness to avoid damage or damage to the items.

2: Primary protection

It provides surface protection for the product and forms a very light and protective appearance around the product to achieve dust, oil, moisture and water resistance. In addition, the PE packaging film allows the article to be evenly stressed as a whole, preventing the article from being damaged or damaged due to uneven force.


3: Cost saving

The use of PE packaging film for product packaging can effectively reduce packaging costs, while reducing manual work and work intensity, improving product packaging efficiency and improving product packaging grade.